One Day a Week Intensive Course


The Academy of Vocal Arts Foundation course is a one day a week intensive course designed for students 16 plus who have either auditioned unsuccessfully for Stage School, or who do not feel ready to audition. Over and over again students find they are unsuccessful in missing out on a place at drama school.

This is not down to talent, it is simply down to confidence, wrong audition pieces as well as not using the correct vocal technique.

The Foundation will enable the students to master their technical side of their voice as well as performance, working with skilled trained professionals.

Every week they will work on audition songs, monologues, acting exercises, acting through song and audition presentation as well as dance, putting themselves in nervous audition situations to over come this problem.

We offer the one day a week to make it more affordable and give the students the opportunity to work along side the course.

This will include private one on one tutoring. People believe it is dance that lets their auditions down. This may be true but it is very much based on their vocal ability.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a strong singer or you feel you need more help, everyone needs vocal lessons as well as the performance skill.